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AllStars Replay: Steve King and Jeff Locke Discuss Consumption Tax


Wednesday, November 19 will feature a Fair Tax Time AllStars replay of our most listened-to show ever, from 4/10/2013. Congressman Steve King and educator Jeffrey Locke are the featured guests.

Congressman Steve King (IA-4) is a controversial member of the U.S. House Of Representatives, who is a long-term supporter of the Fair Tax type of consumption tax. What makes him controversial is his unconventional thought process when it comes to assessing the best way to accomplish a goal, making him misunderstood by many who later eat their words when they discover that he was so often right.

Jeff Locke is, by profession, a visual arts educator in eastern Kansas for over 20 years. He also serves on the Kansas Volunteer Commission at the request of Governor Sam Brownback. Locke also ran for the State Representative seat in the 2nd district of Kansas in '08, '10 and 2012.

Special thanks to Creative and Dreams Network Artist Angelo M for that great intro music, "30 Years." You can hear Angelo's music at

As this is a replay of a former show, the phone lines and chat room will NOT be open, although the show will be archived so you may listen any time.  You are invited to copy and share with all your friends.  Thank you to to all our loyal listeners for their continued support.

Show information can be found on;; Fair Tax Nation; HR25 Fair Tax Review. If you have speakers or topics you want to hear on Fair Tax Time Radio, contact; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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